Work Experience

Jan 2024 - Feb 2024
Full stack developer - leasyro GmbH

Utilized Next.js, TypeScript, and next-auth alongside Zod for schema validation to develop dynamic forms and components.

Typescript • Next.js • Tailwind

Oct 2023 - Dec 2023
Quality Assurance Working Student - shyfplan

Executed manual tests for functionality, usability, and quality. Skilled in Jira for ticket tracking, currently learning Cypress for automation, and proficient in API testing using Postman.

Manual Testing • Jira • Cypress • Postman

2021 - 2022
Full Stack Developer – CEBS

Developed Node.js CRUD apps with TypeScript/JavaScript for backend, React.js for frontend, and utilized AWS for efficient storage and data management.

TS • Node.js (Express) • React • Next.js • AWS

2016 - Present
Software Developer – Freelance

Efficiently manages websites, creates websites and builds stores, handling ongoing customization and development.

HTML • CSS • JS • PHP • Liquid


Find What Font

Effortlessly discover fonts from various websites.

Next.js • Puppeteer • AWS EC2 • Vercel


A SaaS website providing free and freemium AI tools.

Typescript • Next.js • Prisma (MySQL) • OpenAI API • Python (Fast API).

Headless Store

Developed a blazing fast headless store, just to play with Shopify’s API.

JS • Next.js • GraphQL • Shopify API

Reddit clone

Created a clone to learn full-stack development.

TS • Node.js (Express) • Next.js • PostgreSQL

Simplent WordPress Theme

Developed a minimalist WordPress theme.

HTML • CSS • JavaScript • PHP